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go-zap - Seamless integration between Opentracing and Zap

this repo contains a couple possible integrations with


The log package allows you to call the same funcs as with zap, but those will now also log on opentracing if you give a context or span as parameter.

Example Usages:

Import the package and use it as your log package:

import 	""

Example with Debug level (similar funcs exist for the other levels). Log on zap only:

func Debug(log string, fields ...zapcore.Field)

Log on Zap and on Opentracing. The span is given directly or is retrieved from the context:

func DebugWithSpan(span opentracing.Span, log string, fields ...zapcore.Field)
func DebugWithContext(ctx context.Context, log string, fields ...zapcore.Field)


The utils package provides a function to translate a zap field into a standard opentracing field. Those two are almost similar (in implementation and concept)