OpenTracing instrumentation for Apache Thrift
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OpenTracing Apache Thrift Instrumentation

OpenTracing instrumentation for Apache Thrift




Please don't use FieldID equal 3333. It is a magic number for injected span context.

// Instantiate tracer
Tracer tracer = ...

// Optionally register tracer with GlobalTracer

Synchronous mode


// Decorate TProcessor with SpanProcessor e.g.
TProcessor processor = ...
TProcessor spanProcessor = new SpanProcessor(processor, tracer);
TServerTransport transport = ...
TServer server = new TSimpleServer(new Args(transport).processor(spanProcessor));


// Decorate TProtocol with SpanProtocol e.g.

TTransport transport = ...
TProtocol protocol = new TBinaryProtocol(transport);
TProtocol spanProtocol = new SpanProtocol(protocol, tracer)

Asynchronous mode


// Decorate TProcessor with SpanProcessor
TProcessor processor = ...
TProcessor spanProcessor = new SpanProcessor(processor, tracer);

TNonblockingServerSocket tnbSocketTransport = new TNonblockingServerSocket(8890, 30000);
TNonblockingServer.Args tnbArgs = new TNonblockingServer.Args(tnbSocketTransport);
TServer server = new TNonblockingServer(tnbArgs);


// Decorate TProtocolFactory with SpanProtocol.Factory
TProtocolFactory factory = new TBinaryProtocol.Factory();
SpanProtocol.Factory protocolFactory = new SpanProtocol.Factory(factory, tracer, false);

TNonblockingTransport transport = new TNonblockingSocket("localhost", 8890);
TAsyncClientManager clientManager = new TAsyncClientManager();
AsyncClient asyncClient = new AsyncClient(protocolFactory, clientManager, transport);

// Decorate AsyncMethodCallback with TracingAsyncMethodCallback:
AsyncMethodCallback<T> callback = ...
TracingAsyncMethodCallback<T> tracingCallback = new TracingAsyncMethodCallback(callback, protocolFactory);

asyncClient.callMethod(..., tracingCallback);

Custom Client Span Tags

To customise the tags added to spans on the client side, create a custom implementation of ClientSpanDecorator.

class MyClientSpanDecorator implements ClientSpanDecorator {
    public void decorate(Span span, TMessage message) {
        // Add custom tags to the span.
    public void onError(Throwable throwable, Span span) {
        // Add custom tags for when an error is thrown by the thrift call.

Then pass this into your SpanProtocol.

TProtocol spanProtocol = new SpanProtocol(protocol, tracer, new MyClientSpanDecorator() );

If no custom ClientSpanDecorator is provided, the DefaultClientSpanDecorator is used. This delegates its methods to the static methods in the SpanDecorator class. The DefaultClientSpanDecorator can be extended if you want to add to the default behaviour.


Apache 2.0 License.