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OpenTracing API for C++

C++ implementation of the OpenTracing API

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Required Reading

In order to understand the C++ platform API, one must first be familiar with the OpenTracing project and terminology more generally. This is a C++98 API that is used as a "common denominator". Ît's up to implementors to choose the C++ level they are going to use for their implementations:

stack of libraries

Compile and install

libtoolize # or glibtoolize
sudo make install

To test (requires gtest - see here for OS X, here for ubuntu and here for Red Hat/for Red Hat note also this):

cd test

API overview for those adding instrumentation

Everyday consumers of this opentracing package really only need to worry about a couple of key abstractions: the StartSpan function, the Span interface, and binding a Tracer at main()-time.