An Open Source Trade Engine capable of trading any asset.
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Open Trade Engine

An Open Source Trade Engine capable of trading any asset.

The trade engine is standalone and easy to integrate.

Quick Start

  1. Add engine directory to your project.
  2. Include or require engine/engine.php where you need trading functionality.
  3. Import OpenTradeEngine.sql to your MySQL or MariaDB database and set configuration settings in engine/connectionFactory.php
  4. View examples.php for functionality.

Example code available in examples.php.

This is an extremely early beta. WORK IN PROGRESS. NOT GUARANTEED IN ANY WAY. Functionality could change and/or be broken at any moment.

Feel free to contribute and use the code in any way as long as you follow MIT license.

Donations: BTC: 1BRjX3V5VeVotnx1APjSrLMqg7d3r7LzQX ETH: 0x103f81Cbc6170525F03f4b9563331f5218c65C67 DGC: DL9Zmy79k1xxXfLyRKnW4MSfa7X48NGibt SRC: sfT3XqCS9wEkPkNwiwTfJ9MhBvpj2ci3Q5