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Agile Banking Wiki

Agile Banking is a term we use for a new kind of banking. This is all about going back to basics and rebooting a whole new banking and financial infrastructure from scratch.

The primary product of this so far is the OpenTransact standard which now has it’s own web site: OpenTransact.

The term comes from a Presentation given at Reboot 11 by Pelle

This has been expanded into the following articles:

  1. Risky Business
  2. Benches, Coffee and Bubbles
  3. Let’s talk about Doug
  4. My Proposal to Create a New Banking System
  5. Entrepreneurs, Coders and Activists we need you to help reboot banking

Areas of work

Standards in Progress

Existing standards to build on

Mailing list

Join the mailing list for more:

Agile Banking Mailing List

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