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PaySMS is a gateway for performing OpenTransact payments via SMS

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PayS.MS a OpenTransact SMS gateway

PaySMS allows you to send money via text messages (SMS). It is created using OpenTransact and is released as open source on GitHub.

As a proof of concept this version currently can transfer PicoMoney DevCredits. Please sign up and click the button to issue yourself some devcredits.


PayS.MS is written in Ruby and Sinatra. It uses Redis. Both are available on Heroku so you should be able to get a customized version up and running in less than an hour.

SMS service is done using Twilio. Feel free to fork and customize it to use another service.


You need your credentials from Twilio and from your chosen OpenTransact provider.

For local development I recommend Pow which allows you to place the following in a .powenv file.

# OAuth credentials for OpenTransact provider eg

# OpenTransact url for asset you wish to use

# Display name of Asset
export OPENTRANSACT_NAME="DevCredits"

# Register at for these
export TWILIO_KEY="..."
export TWILIO_SECRET="..."
export TWILIO_NUMBER="..."

# Optional AdSense account id
export ADSENSE="..."

On Heroku use:

heroku config:add OPENTRANSACT_KEY:... OPENTRANSACT_SECRET:... etc.

Future plans

Small plans

  • I want to modularize most of the business logic into a Phone class.
  • An installation should be able to support more than one OpenTransact asset at a time.
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