Datex 2 of the parking spaces in Ghent to Linked Data
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Linked Datex 2 from the City of Ghent to queryable Linked Data documents

This is a PHP library to convert the Datex2 Open Data feeds from the city of Ghent to Linked Data. The data can be queried using the Linked Data Fragments client.



Be sure to have composer installed on your system:

After cloning this repo, perform:

composer install

If you have a webserver, such as apache, direct your webserver to have the public/ directory as the web root.

For development purposes, you can test your code with php -S localhost:1234 -t public/ and your site will be available at http://localhost:1234/

Classes that can be used


Constructor takes a URL to a Datex2 file and optionally an EasyRDF_Graph. The data is added to the $graph element.


Given an EasyRDF_Graph object, generates the metadata and adds it to the graph


Given an accept header, a metadata EasyRDF object and a data EasyRDF object, will stream a string to HTTP output. Will take care of HTTP response and cache headers as well.