Application that aims to put together travel and leisure data and make it easily available
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Latest commit 68d8443 Apr 23, 2017 @opentraveldata-bot opentraveldata-bot [POR] Split BUK/Al Buq, BYD/Al Bayda, EAB/Abs, Yemen (YE), VEG/Maikwa…
…k, Guyana (GY); also fixed the geo-location

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author Denis Arnaud <> 1492990417 +0200
committer Denis Arnaud <> 1492990417 +0200

    [POR] Split BUK/Al Buq, BYD/Al Bayda, EAB/Abs, Yemen (YE), VEG/Maikwak, Guyana (GY); also fixed the geo-location


This repository is in read-only mode and all future development happens at the new opentraveldata repository. If you or your project relies on any data set stored here, no worries! All changes will be automatically synced back to keep backwards compatibility.

Open Travel Data

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