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kerfors commented Nov 5, 2016

New issue combining #510 and #502
One thing "we need to spend a little on making sure the information is discoverable, machine readable, and impactful" (from the nice interview with Ben M on AllTrials) is to establish persistent URIs for studies.

That is, http-based URIs with a look-up URL (re-direct /) resolver service and with a promise of persistence. So, instead of a text string such as "D5130L00067" as a secondary/sponsor identifier in e.g. I am pushing for study URIs such as A first step is an internal process to assign azct.IDs to our 20.000 listed studies internally and an internal look-up service.

I have argued the same for but my understanding from interactions with some of the people behind it - they see their URLs as pragmatic, persistent study URIs = study page URIs

Would like to have this also for the same study represented in OpenTrials, either distinct from the study page URL, or deliberately using the same http schema for them. I may think is indicating a page URL more than a study URI.

I would like to have peristens namespaces for studies identifiers so I make assertions like these.
azct:D5130L00067 owl:sameAs nct:NCT02022748
azct:D5130L00067 owl:sameAs opentrials:d869c6e6-8c32-11e6-a776-0242ac12000b

(I've also posted my thoughts here as a post on my blog

benmeg commented Jan 31, 2017

@vitorbaptista and I just got off a call with an organisation who wanted to integrate/link to our trials and we both had the thought about this issue.

A suggestion - as well as what we currently provide (ending in an OpenTrials ID):

We could also allow other trial IDs, e.g: (link will not currently work).

Thoughts? @kerfors

kerfors commented Feb 7, 2017

Hi Ben and thanks for reaching out. My thoughts:

pwalsh commented Feb 22, 2017

closing as WONTFIX until phase II. We have stable identifiers.

@pwalsh pwalsh closed this Feb 22, 2017
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