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This repository

An open source multi-modal trip planner

--== OVERVIEW ==--

OpenTripPlanner is an open source multi-modal trip planner. For more
information, see the project website:

--== INSTALL ==--

Installation instructions are available on the website:

--== FILES ==--

opentripplanner-routing       - Core routing algorithms, data-structures, and libraries
opentripplanner-api-webapp    - Webapp providing a REST web api to the trip planning engine
opentripplanner-webapp        - Webapp providing web-based user interface to trip planning engine
opentripplanner-graph-builder - Command line tool for configuring and building the trip planner graph
opentripplanner-gui           - Graph visualizer primarily useful for development and troubleshooting
opentripplanner-integration   - Integration tests


OpenTripPlanner has been primarily developed by OpenPlans with funding
from TriMet, and many code, translation, and documentation
contributions from around the world.  

We welcome new contributions!  We prefer to format our code according to the
GeoTools formatting guidelines; an Eclipse autoformatter can be found here:
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