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OpenTripPlanner (OTP) is an open source multi-modal trip planner, which runs on Linux, Windows, or potentially any platform with a Java virtual machine. OTP is released under the LGPL. As of Fall 2011, the code is under active development, with a variety of working demos from around the world.

(Looking for information on OpenTripPlanner for your agency? Then visit

Latest Project Updates:


OpenTripPlanner is presently at version 0.4.2.

The software currently:

  • Plans multi-modal walking, biking and transit trips
  • Takes travel time, road type/safety, and elevation data into account when planning bike trips, and provides an interface for customizing the weighting of these three factors
  • Shows graphical elevation profiles for bike trips
  • Imports data from GTFS, shapefiles, OpenStreetMap and the National Elevation Dataset
  • Plans trips in about 100ms in a moderate sized city
  • Exposes a RESTful API (XML and JSON), which other apps or front-ends can build on

See the Milestones page for more information on what's next.


See the OTP NYC demo, plus other working demos of OTP.

Download (90 megs)

Please see the following tutorials:

Code Repository

To browse the source online visit

To create a local copy of the repository, use the following command:

$ git clone git://

Developer Information

Contact Info

Send questions and comments to the user mailing list.

Chat with us via IRC on Freenode channel #opentripplanner or chat through the web

Stakeholders and User Information


The project began a collaborative effort among TriMet, OpenPlans, and the developers of FivePoints, OneBusAway and Graphserver, and has since grown to encompass a global community of users and developers. More information on OTP's origins is available at the Project History page.

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