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3D models of boxes for the OpenTRV project. The models are created in OpenSCAD and come with a Makefile. You can build any of the models either in OpenSCAD using its graphical user interface or via the command line by using the make command.

Building in OpenSCAD

The model files are designed so that they can be built directly inside OpenSCAD. In order to do this, start OpenSCAD and follow the procedure below:

  • Open the .scad file you want to use (File -> Open or CTRL+O);
  • Render it (Design -> Compile and Render (CGAL) or F6);
  • Export as STL (Design -> Export as STL...).

Models are split between two areas:

  • main: the main models for the project that define boxes for know versions of the electronics;
  • playpen: draft models or partial models to try out concepts, some of which may eventually graduate to main.

Note that some models in the playpen area make use of includes that are external to this repository. The simplest way to download and install those includes is to use make in the top level directory:

make includes

Building using the make command


In order to build the STL files, you will need the following installed:

  • Git,
  • Python (to build the dependencies),
  • OpenSCAD.

The Makefile is designed to run on Linux and has been tested on Ubuntu but could be adapted to run on other platforms: if you want to adapt it so that it runs cross-platform, I will gladly accept patches.

Buiding the STL files

This is the easy part, just run:


It will then create an stl directory that will contain main and playpen sub-directories, each containing one .stl file per box.

Note that on the first run, you should be connected to the internet as it will download dependencies needed for some of the boxes.

You can generate the main and playpen files separately:

make main
make playpen

You can also generate a single box if you know which one you want:

make stl/main/radiator_control-v0p2_rev1.stl

Cleaning up the build products

Cleaning up the build products is simple:

make clean

Customising the model

Some parameters of each model can be customised to create a file for display or for printing, or to take into account imprecisions of some printers. The main custom options are in the user-settings.scad file and are explained in the file itself.