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Turing JDBC Connector

JDBC Connector to import content to Viglet Turing AI Semantic Navigation.



$ git clone
$ cd turing-jdbc


Use Gradle to generate Turing JDBC Connector executable JAR file.

$ ./gradlew shadowJar

2.1 Run

To run Turing JDBC Connector executable JAR file, just execute the following line:

$ java -jar build/libs/turing-jdbc.jar <PARAMETERS>



--connect, -c

Specify JDBC connect string

--driver, -d

Manually specify JDBC driver class to use

--query, -q

Import the results of statement


Specify the Semantic Navigation Site


--chunk, -z

Number of items to be sent to the queue
Default: 100


Customized Class to modified rows


Deindex before importing
Default: false


Encoding Source
Default: UTF-8


Field that shows Content of File


Field with File Path


Field that shows Size of File in bytes


Print usage instructions

--include-type-in-id, -i

Include Content Type name in Id
Default: false


Maximum size that content can be indexed (megabytes)
Default: 5


Multi Valued Fields


Multi Valued Separator
Default: ,

--password, -p

Set authentication password


Remove HTML Tags into content of field

--server, -s

Viglet Turing Server
Default: http://localhost:2700

--show-output, -o

Show Output
Default: false

--type, -t

Set Content Type name

--username, -u

Set authentication username


java -jar ./turing-jdbc.jar --deindex-before-importing true \
--include-type-in-id true -z 1 \
--file-path-field filePath --file-content-field text \
--file-size-field fileSize -t Document \
--multi-valued-separator ";" --multi-valued-field field1,field2 \
--class-name com.viglet.turing.tool.ext.TurJDBCCustomSample \
-d com.mysql.jdbc.Driver -c jdbc:mysql://localhost/sampleDB  \
-q "select * from sampleTable" -u sampleUser -p samplePassword