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UserDefinedStationaryCovarianceModel takes a RegularGrid as input, so the input space must be of dimension n=1.
Correct API doc and example notebook.
Closes #1421.

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OpenTURNS (Open source initiative to Treat Uncertainties, Risks'N Statistics)

OpenTURNS is a scientific C++ and Python library including an internal data model and algorithms dedicated to the treatment of uncertainties. The main goal of this library is giving to specific applications all the functionalities needed to treat uncertainties in studies. Targeted users are all engineers who want to introduce the probabilistic dimension in their so far deterministic studies.

Up-to-date information can be found at


OpenTURNS is distributed under the Lesser General Public License. Please see the LICENSE and the COPYING* files for details of the license of each components.

Release Notes

Please see the ChangeLog file for a summary of bug fixes and new features for the current release.

Backwards Compatibility

The developers strive their best to preserve backwards compatibility between releases, but this is not always possible. Where backwards compatibility is known to be broken, it is clearly marked as an incompatibility in the ChangeLog file.


Please see the for instructions on installing OpenTURNS on various platforms from binaries or sources.


The page contains the most recent set of updated documentation for this release.


See for instructions.

-- The OpenTURNS team

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