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  • otagrum : create a distribution from a Bayesian Network using aGrUM
  • otfftw : Fast Fourier Transform algorithm (e.g. for stochastic processes) using FFTW
  • otfmi : FMI models manipulation using PyFMI
  • otmixmod : build mixtures of a multivariate Normal distribution from a sample
  • otmorris : Morris screening method module
  • otpmml : manages PMML files for meta-modeling exchanges
  • otpod: A module to build Probability of Detection for Non Destructive Testing
  • otrobopt: robust optimization
  • otsubsetinverse: inverse subset simulation
  • otsvm : Support Vector regression and classification with libsvm
  • otwrapy : Python wrapper tools


  • The easiest way to install openturns and all its modules is from otconda

  • From an existing conda installation:

    conda config --add channels conda-forge
    conda install otrobopt
  • On Linux, you can install modules either from our Debian or RPM repositories, see instructions

  • On Linux, from sources:

  1. You will need to install the development packages first, check the required dependencies

  2. Launch installation, for example the robopt module:

    git clone
    cd otrobopt
    cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=~/.local .
    make install
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