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GVARS redesign #3185

bsongis opened this Issue Dec 30, 2015 · 8 comments


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bsongis commented Dec 30, 2015

As stated by many issues. GVars would benefit from 3 more parameters:

  • Add an unit. It would solve our problem with GVars used for channels. Some like to use 512us, other 100%, other 1024(raw)
  • Add a prec. It would take care of #1361 and #905
  • Add a min/max which would be used by the AdjustGVar function
  • AdjustGVar (+/-X) instead of AdjustGVar(+/-1), people wait for this function since long, cf #1713

GVars are needed in some more menus:

  • Audio Volume #2248
  • Slow / Delay

There is also some existing bugs related to gvars when using FUNC_ADJUST_GVAR:

  • The increment/decrement is missing a limit check. The value of gvar can thus be incremented or decremented beyond the normal range. (#2917)
  • Another AdjustGVar issue #3103

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fraternl commented Jan 3, 2016

I haven't been following developments in the last 2 months and noticed these changes in gvar.
From what I gather I can soon change a gvar using a stick as a direct source and let it change a gvar within my desired range.
This means that one doesn't have to use a helper channel with a dedicated curve to achieve this (unless I want even more control).
Am I correct in this?

I wanted to test this, but I don't have a development environment and am using nightlies.
I will test it when it lands there....


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kilrah commented Jan 3, 2016

No, the idea would have been to use the new limits as a clamp, not scaled to the input.

Reason is that if we scaled and that's not what the user wants it's hard to "undo" the scaling, while the current way of using a channel makes the opposite easy.


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bsongis commented Jan 3, 2016


bsongis added a commit that referenced this issue Jan 13, 2016

[Horus] GUI continued - #3159
[GVars] Refactoring continued - #3185

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bsongis commented Jan 13, 2016

Some progress on this in my last commit. GVars names are now reduced to 3 chars. Curves as well. Names for GVars and Curves will be used everywhere in the firmware now.

Tests needed please!

bsongis added a commit that referenced this issue Jan 14, 2016

[Horus] GUI continued - #3159
[GVars] Refactoring continued - #3185

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lshems commented Feb 1, 2016

any suggestions for tests?
Able to do some.


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hmichl commented Feb 12, 2016

I really like this thread and support the idea of having GVARs at additional places. One request I would like to add is having also the possibility to have a GVAR instead of a value at the weight of trainer-functions. I want to be able to change this weight dependend on the position of the stick of the master-transmitter (for example the more I move my stick to a maximum position the less weight the student has). I already implmemented this functionality with a lot of mixers using TR1 to TR4, but having it where it belongs to (in my opinion :-) would be great!

In addition to this, it would generally be cool to have the choice of either GVARs or the value of a channel. I often use channels and functions to generate values, but then have to assign exactly these values to a GVAR. Would be cool to skip this one step.


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RCdiy commented Feb 6, 2018

I've defined LS1-5 like this. Ignore L1.
GV1 changes with stick THR
GV2 is 50%
GV3 is 50
When comparing THR against GV2 and GV3 should the behaviour not be different?
When THR is equal to 5 why is it equal to both 50% and 50?
I thought THR had unit % so 5 should not be equal to 50%.

Here is the OTX file. Rename and remove .txt to use it.


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kilrah commented Feb 7, 2018

Ah I believe the % is only for display, you need to set the "precision" for actual scaling.

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