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@bsongis bsongis released this Nov 19, 2014


  • Compilation with -Os instead of -O2 because of a strange bug on LS1 (AND condition changed by itself on SD error)
  • Lua getTimer and setTimer parameters fixed (persistent and minuteBeep)
  • Lua resetTimer function added
  • SWR shown on newer Taranis+
  • BOLD, CONDENSED, FIXED constants exported to Lua
  • Disable mixer line that uses a Lua source if the Lua script is not running
  • Additional parameters for Lua model.getMix/insertMix
  • Fixed occasional SD card error
  • Fixed bitmap loading


  • Coprocessor interface bugfix


  • Fixed never ending haptic repeat
  • Fixed curves display


  • Stick icons missing next to trim key states on switch diag page


  • Too many curves shown on non ARM boards
  • Fixed vario limits
  • Fixes in compare dialog
  • Fixed receiver number range
  • Virtual inputs not selectable in SF Volume and heli Collective Source
  • Joystick calibration crash after channel assignment
  • Gvar import error for limits
  • Companion shows too many curve types in input/mixer for 9x
  • NOT curves removed from inputs (for non ARM platforms)
  • Companion again builds on OS X (Mac)
  • Companion simulator Lua crash on OS X 64bit (Mac)
  • Companion didn't take care of PlayScript functions
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