@kilrah kilrah released this Jun 26, 2014 · 5784 commits to 2.2 since this release

Assets 2


  • Add Flight Mode indication to the mixer/inputs screens
  • Joystick emulation fixed
  • Fixed float number display in Lua
  • Fixed telemetry screens page order (Lua, custom, voltage, GPS)
  • Fixed unability to disable switch warning for SG
  • Lua bugfixes in getCustomFunction/setCustomFunction and getLogicalSwitch/setLogicalSwitch


  • Fix crash on startup
  • Fix version number in simu
  • 9XR-Pro now supported on Mac
  • Fix loss of settings in telemetry custom screens
  • Fix 10000% bug when using GVs in mixer weithg or offset
  • Fix Cnsp range in logical switches (up to 30000mAh)