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@bsongis bsongis released this Jul 13, 2014


  • Telemetry Type field is hidden when only S.PORT is available
  • Permanent timers may be not resetted on Flight Reset
  • Instant Trim bugfix
  • No sound on trim press when trim option disabled
  • [Page] / [Page Long] allowed to change Telemetry screen
  • XXL font added for Lua telemetry screens

[9XR-PRO / Sky9x]

  • RTC time was not stored correctly
  • PPM polarity fix

[Gruvin9x, 9X128, 9XR128]

  • 12 logical switches instead of 15 (the extra ones were not accessible in custom functions)


  • Logical switches were not resetted on Model load
  • SafetyCH function can be hidden (depending on Companion options)
  • MPH to km/h conversion improved
  • Fixed Throttle Trim Idle Only behaviour when using Reverse Throttle option


  • Fix Mix curves bug on Sky9x boards
  • Channels 17-32 are displayed in the simulator
  • Backlight simulation bugfix
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