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@bsongis bsongis released this Jul 16, 2015

[ARM boards]

  • New Telemetry system (#1634)
  • Added Dangerous Custom Functions (range check, bind)
  • Better graphical trim representation (#1419)
  • Increased PPM-Center range
  • Fixed Edge Logical switch erroneous delay (#2368)


  • Added support for Taranis X9E (tray version)
  • Added Bluetooth support (Taranis X9E)
  • Added optional alternative memory allocator for LUA (Bin Allocator)
  • Added another timer (Timer3) (#1228)
  • Increased maximum timer value to 24 bits
  • Enabled LUA bit32 library
  • Added new trainer modes: Master/SBUS module, Master/CPPM module, Master/SBUS in battery compartment
  • Added global Custom Functions (#502)
  • Added Screen-shot Special Function (#1925)
  • Added firmware upgrade of SPORT devices (#1599)
  • Added EEPROM Factory Reset menu option
  • Added LUA file read/write capability (#1471)
  • Hardware I2C (for EEPROM)
  • Added a menu for quick sources and switches selection (by category)
  • Possibility to use any input for Long. and Lateral pitch sources of the heli CCPM mixer
  • Failsafe settings improved (mode can be set for each channel individually, a warning is given if failsafe is not configured)
  • Possibility to have the vario silent in the mid range
  • Added wireless trainer modes
  • Added category picklists for faster source selection
  • Added mixer output range visualization
  • Added physical switches, pots and sliders custom names
  • Added switch type configuration (none, 3 position, 2 position, toogle) for all switches
  • Lua model.insertInput() could not add more than 32 inputs (#2084)
  • Fixed auto-source problem on radios with non-existing S3 pot (#2364)
  • Added factory reset function on the VERSION screen to erase the entire memory and start fresh


  • Added support for the DIY Mega2560 radio
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