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@bsongis bsongis released this Aug 6, 2015

[ARM Boards]

  • Fixed broken track selection for Global Functions Play Track (#2472)
  • Added individual input/mixer line output value display
  • Fixed SD logs fields shift when no GPS fix
  • Telemetry Date not logged correctly(#2487)
  • Fixed unwanted interaction between Global and Special Functions play track/music (#2478)
  • Fixed 2-pos switch conversion (#2493)
  • Fixed heli swash-ring problem (#2492)
  • New feature: model name played when model is loaded (plays file "SOUNDS/<language>/<model_name>/name.wav") (#2404)
  • Faster scrolling when setting custom sensor id (#2506)
  • Removed telemetry values from available selection in Global Functions for "Play Value" and "Reset" (#2519)
  • D-type RPM sensor was broken (#2509)
  • Voltage unit symbol changed from "v" to "V" (#2509)
  • Fixed missing option in the sensor setup menu (#2533)
  • Fixed several VFAS issues when using D series sensors (#2518, #2531, #2530)
  • Fixed missing GPS altitude when using D series sensors (#2539)
  • Symbols for renamed physical inputs were not shown (#2581)
  • Allow sensors which have a bad S.PORT implementation (#2538)
  • Fixed "repeated lines" menu problem (#2533)
  • Added symbols to renamed physical inputs (#2581)
  • Fixed: Telemetry values not selectable in model scripts (#2589)
  • SH polarity was wrong in simulator for X9E (#2561)
  • Added support for Trainer input signal alarm (#2579)
  • Fixed: the "Serial port" value could not be changed in Radio hardware menu
  • X9E rotary encoder events were not "visible" in Lua scripts (#2609)
  • Added "Copy telemetry sensor" option (#2513)
  • Added Timer3 to stats screen (#2515)
  • FrSky S.Port Airspeed sensor unit set to kph (#2305)
  • Frsky-D Telemetry protocol bug fixed (0x5D followed by 0x3D)
  • Added support for 0.01V resolution to D series VFAS ID 0x39 (#2607)
  • Set a more reasonable default precision for telemetry values (#2631)
  • Fixed a problem when moving mixer lines on X9E (#2643)
  • Fixed X9E SD log header line (#2638)

[Boards with narrow LCD (9X, 9XR, etc)]

  • Fixed bug in mixer edit menu (#2512)
  • Telemetry setup page was broken (#2612)
  • Fixed 9XR pro resetting when changing from XJT to PPM in setup menu (#2592)
  • Special function choices were broken on small screen ARM platforms (#2618)
  • Fixed reset on 9XR-PRO when user changed module protocol from PXX (#2592)

[All boards]

  • Various texts and translations corrections
  • Various small bug-fixes


  • Vario source and center silent options were not saved(#2476)
  • DSM receiver numbers for external module were not converted from previous version EEPROM (#2474)
  • Precision incorrectly set for Calculated->Cells sensor (#2479)
  • Unit incorrectly set for Calculated->Cells sensor (#2485)
  • Fixed import/export of trim values (#2484)
  • Removed constant access to floppy disk (#2160)
  • Telemetry view script combo box list was empty (#2465)
  • Telemetry view bars ranges not transfered to radio (#2491)
  • Fixed Standalone simulator radio selection display problem (#2503)
  • Added missing simulation libraries and enabled side by side installation of Companion 2.0 and 2.1 on Linux (#2500)
  • Standalone simulator now remembers which radio was simulated in previous session (#2503)
  • Radio calibration value were not displayed (#2502)
  • Fixed Vario / Voltage / Current sources export problem
  • Writing model settings to 9XR-PRO did not work (#2402, #2517)
  • Model Print and Model Compare improvements
  • Fixed Companion OSX version (#2549)
  • Firmware nightly builds are now downloadable from nightly builds of Companion (#2526, #2634)
  • Fixed telemetry item lists (#2541)
  • Fixed missing pots P1..P3 for 9X (#2543)
  • Fixed "Invalid model and settings" error message when writing models and settings to the radio (#2544)
  • Global Functions fixes (#2558)
  • Export to Google Earth now working (only) with the new telemetry fields (GPS, GAlt and GSpd) (#2546)
  • Fixed unsuccessful writing of setting to the radio for 9XR PRO (#2605)
  • Fixed missing LUA script outputs in special function "Play Value" (#2649)
  • Various texts and translations corrections
  • Various small bug-fixes
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