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@bsongis bsongis released this Jan 4, 2016

Notice: Lua model wizard was fixed (#3061)
and needs to be installed on the radio SD card. Download from


  • Added Crossfire (inverted serial) protocol on S.PORT pin in the module bay (#2894)
  • Added telemetry unit conversions from km/h (#3059)
  • LR12 changes: removed option for remote failsafe configuration, added in EU firmware variant, enabled range check in EU mode
  • Added support for language-specific chars in model notes


  • Enhanced luaGetVersion(): return the radio type (#2947), returns version as numbers (#3095)
  • Allow usage of PLUS, MINUS, MENU and ENT(short) and EXIT(short) keys in telemetry scripts (#2469)
  • Lua string library added (#3095)
  • Fixed: Close any Lua open files when radio powers off (#3062)
  • getValue() now also returns pilot position (#2921)
  • Added additional Taranis X9E fields
  • Lua getFlightMode() function added (#3127, #2921)
  • Fixed: Inputs were not exported as Lua fields
  • Fixed: some wizard lines were not visible anymore (#3061)
  • Lua PREC1 and PREC2 formatting parameters now functioning same as in 2.0 (#3150)

[Sky9x / 9XR-PRO / AR9X]

  • Added support for FrSky D with inverted signal for 9XR pro (#3139)


  • Fixed: Wrong telemetry unit and precision was used for V2 in logical switches (Taranis not affected) (#3071)
  • Received value unit for Air speed sensor set to knots (all FrSky sensors send speed in knots) (#3043)
  • Added support for FrSky Powerbox sensor (#2970)
  • Fixed Special Function - Adjust GVAR: increment/decrement could cause GVAR value to overflow the allowed range (±1024) (#2917)
  • Bad Value for GVAR When Adjusting GVx to Another GVx in Special Functions (#3103)


  • Various texts and translations corrections
  • Various small bug-fixes


  • Lua 'execute' failed in non-root directory (in Simulator) (#3024)
  • LR12 changes: removed option for remote failsafe configuration, added in EU firmware variant
  • Added Clear option to the flight mode context menu (right click on the Name label) (#3026)
  • New features for Telemetry Simulator: log replay, user friendly sensor values (#3124)
  • Added F7 key to reload LUA permanent scripts in radio simulator (#3141)
  • AR9X firmware flashing fall-back was wrong
  • Command line options support added to standalone simulator (try "./simulator21 --help" on Linux and "simulator.exe /help" on Windows for usage) (#3160)
  • Various rounding problem fixed: Telemetry sensor Ratio parameter (#3117),
    Outputs Sub-trim, Min and Max values (#3156)
  • Fixed: telemetry sensors Ratio and Offset value increment/decrement step (#3121)
  • Hardware/Calibration tab split int two tabs (#2974)
  • Fixed Fahrenheit temperature conversion error (if PREC was not 0) (#3146)
  • Application Setting 'Enable automatic backup before writing firmware' was not saved (#3040)
  • Fixed RPM package problem on Fedora (#3130)
  • Fixed conversion errors when loading 2.0.x EEPE (#3177)
  • Various texts and translations corrections
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