@bsongis bsongis released this Sep 14, 2016

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  • Fixed USB driver changed interrupt grouping which affected interrupt priorities (fix suggested by Michael Blandford), this should fix the SBUS Trainer issue #2999 (#3178)
  • ADC Jitter Filter improvements, option added in Hardware settings to turn it on/off (#3432)


  • Fixed: Trainer inputs >TR4 not working (#3203)
  • External module output type setting was not visible


  • Fixed playTone() crash when called with abnormal parameter values (#3462)
  • Return proper values for Cels- and Cels+ (#2826)
  • Fixed lcd.drawNumber() display when INVERS flag was used (#3569)


  • Fixed: calculated sensors had persistent value set to zero at every shutdown when persistent option was not active (#3454)
  • Show persistent option only for calculated sensors (#3454)
  • Fixed: sensors with active filter had invalid negative values (#3463)
  • Enabled DSM protocols on several raios (#3471)
  • Better representation of negative mixer weight in offset bar widget (#3476)
  • Fixed several bugs in curve preset function (#3451)
  • Fixed flight modes rotary encoders initialization when creating new model (only for radios with rotary encoders) (#3473)
  • Fixed: show value of persistent sensor after power on, before the telemetry is received (#3595)
  • Fixed: LSs weren't selectable as input source (#3632>/a>)


  • SD sync fixes (#3351)
  • Fixed: Telemetry mode "FrSky D (cable)" choice was missing for Taranis (#3372)
  • Show persistent option only for calculated sensors (#3454)
  • Fixed Flight mode clear command (#3214)
  • Fixed a problem with Rotary encoders linked to flight mode (could freeze Companion) (#3459, #3470)
  • Telemetry simulator improvements: added fuel quantity sensor, increased RPM range (#3505, #3506)
  • Implemented minimal support for the DYI Multimodule (#3526)
  • Fixed: GVar combo-box not being refreshed when GV check-box (re-)selected (#3518)
  • Fixed: Heli inversion not correctly shown/saved from Companion on Radios without virtual inputs (#3510)
  • Implemented print functions for the Heli setup screen (#3554)
  • Fixed: Flight modes linked trims display value (#3547, #3568)
  • Fixed: New model global variables and rotary encoders initialisation (#3473)
  • Fixed: Prevent circular linked global variables and rotary encoders (#3472)
  • Fixed wrong log replay speed issue in Telemetry simulator (#3708)
  • Various texts and translations corrections