Taranis I O ports

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Taranis X9 series battery bay

  • left - battery connector
  • middle - SD card slot
  • right - serial port connector

Taranis serial port pinout

Pins from left to right:

name function PC connection
GND ground connect to pin 5 of PC serial port (ground)
VMAIN Battery voltage (software switched)
UART_T transmit line from Taranis connect to pin 2 of PC serial port (RX line)
UART_R receive line of Taranis connect to pin 3 of PC serial port (TX line)

Serial port connector is a JST PH Series connector (it uses 2mm pitch). It can be found here:

OpenTX serial port settings

All modes use 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity and no flow control. The baud rate depends on what the serial port is set to. Radios menus HARDWARE screen, Serial port setting:

setting speed [bps] description
S-Port-Mirror 57600 outputs all SPort received telemetry
Telemetry 9600 receives telemetry stream on this port, output none
Debug 115200 only enabled in OpenTX debug builds - debug output

Electrical interface

Taranis serial port uses RS-232 polarity for RX and TX signals, but it won't output full RS-232 voltage levels (from -15V to +15V) on TX line. The RX input is RS-232 tolerant. Still it will work with most standard serial adapters (even USB serial adapters).

logical level RS-232 standard Taranis level
0 15V 3.3V
1 -15V 0V

External module bay pinout

Pins from top to bottom (corner):

Name Function
OUT PPM/PXX/DSM2/DSMX/SBUS/Serial control signal
BATT Battery voltage (software switched)
GND Ground
SPORT Telemetry in/out (common with internal module), Crossfire control and telemetry

The OUT, HEARTBEAT and BATT pins are at the same voltage as the transmitter battery. The output current for the OUT and BATT pins are limited by a 10 kΩ resistor. Read more here...

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