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1.12.1 (March 21, 2022)


  • Fixed memory hooks for Cuda 11.5
  • Fixed memory type cache merge
  • Fixed continuously triggering wakeup fd when keepalive is used
  • Fixed memtype cache fallback when memory hooks are not installed
  • Fixed parsing header flags of worker address
  • Fixed pipeline protocol when sending from host memory to GPU memory
  • Fixed transport progress not deactivated when all its connections are closed
  • Fixed progress loop in io_demo application
  • Fixed ROCm segfault when using internal_ops functions
  • Fixed ROCm memory hooks
  • Fixed performance regression on A64FX
  • Fixed DCT create failure with rdma-core v22
  • Fixed golang bindings build
  • Fixed .deb package build on Ubuntu 22.04
  • Fixed build on archlinux

Important changes

  • If Cuda memory hooks on driver API cannot be installed, memory type cache and
    memory registration cache will be disabled. This may lead to lower performance
    of some applications on setups with NVIDIA GPUs, even if Cuda memory is not
    being used. Prior to this change, failing to install driver API hooks could
    lead to runtime errors or data corruption when Cuda memory is used and linked
    statically with cuda runtime.
    In order to revert to previous behavior (when the application is linked
    dynamically with cuda runtime), can set UCX_MEM_CUDA_HOOK_MODE=reloc.
    See more info in #7865.