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UCF Hackathon 2019

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You are registering for an open public standards setting discussion and development meeting of UCF. The discussions that take place during this meeting are intended to be open to the general public and all work product derived therefrom shall be made widely and freely available to the public. All information including exchange of technical information shall take place during open sessions of this meeting and UCF will not sponsor or support any private working group, standards setting or development sessions that may take place during this meeting. Your participation in any non-public interactions or settings during this meeting are outside the scope of UCF's intended open-public meeting format.


December 9-12.

  • 9 (Only afternoon session)
  • 10-11 (Full days)
  • 12 (only morning session)

Registration Form


ARM, Inc
5707 Southwest Pkwy #100, Austin, TX 78735

Agenda (draft)

  • Proposal for collective operations API and implementation overview (Alex)
  • Hi1620 - hw-specific code in UCX (Alex)
  • GPU
    • HCA affinity
    • Pipelined transfers within the node (tentative)
      • am_zcopy-based pipeline for CUDA-IPC path
  • Multi-rail for TCP sockets
  • UCX in containers
  • CI and AZP
  • UCP request API
  • UCP active message API
  • Charm++ (Mellanox)
  • Support for different memory types (Mellanox)
  • RapidsAI/Dask
  • RDMA Core
  • SmartNIC
  • SparkUCX (Mellanox)
  • Release procedure
  • Documentation for users


  • Pavel S
  • Yossi I
  • Gilad
  • Steve
  • Sameh
  • Akshay V
  • Devendar
  • Alex M
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