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Open UI

Tip: This repo is in development. Ideas and patterns you'll see here are in-progress. You are encouraged to join in and help shape the foundation of Open UI.

🚀 Mission: Maintain an open standard for UI and promote its adherence and adoption.

👥 Audience: The broader UI community including designers, engineers, and managers.

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We identify these issues in the UI community:

  • Effort - Engineers waste countless hours of human effort duplicating work that could be shared.
  • Support - Accessible users are often left with subpar experiences, or are entirely unsupported.
  • Consistency - User experience is often inconsistent and compromised between UIs due to isolated development practices.
  • Portability - The lack of a shared language for UI limits our ability as a community to communicate, collaborate, and share.
  • Timing - UI's have existed long enough to observe and codify a shared standard; the time is right.

Open UI is a open source collective effort to standardize names and anatomies for common UI patterns.


There are two pillars of focus here:

  • /research documenting UI as it has naturally emerged
  • /platform representing browser testing for component support against common use cases using standards based approaches

These two will iterate in a cyclic collaboration to define and develop standardized UI. Refer to the resources in each effort for more information.


To view the latest information on meetings and their minutes, please visit our meetings page.


This repository is being used for work in the W3C Web Platform Incubator Community Group, governed by the W3C Community License Agreement (CLA). To make substantive contributions, you must join the WICG prior to making a PR.