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Welcome to the HSFS wiki! HSFS is an NFS client via FUSE.


Yes, most OS already have strong NFS clients (and servers :-) support in their kernel, for example Linux. Comparing with those nfs implementations, HSFS is slow, week and having lots of issues. But why we still do it?

  • Because we believe it's a good training for newbies to understand NFS protocol and implementation - HSFS was initially a project I used to train the newbies in my team. It's really helpful.
  • Becasee we believe it's a good platform to verify new FUSE features - NFS is a good (and real) distributed model to exam those features such as readdirplus and writeback cache.

Distributions & Builds

This software is still in alpha stage, so we strongly recommend you to hack from the git tree instead of directly install the RPM... Anyway the RPMs are still provided for the following distributions (if you know what you are doing:-).

  • RHEL/CentOS 6
  • Fedora 16/17
  • SuSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP1/SP2
  • OpenSUSE 11.4/12.1/12.2

Please refer to RPMDistributions for more detail information.


Yes we have performance report (even it's slow:-). The following is the performance got from an version with GBE connection to a NAS server. You can download the full test report here.





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