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Sending DellEMC Hardware Sensor logs to ELK Stack Made Easy using Docker & Redfish


  • Install Linux (Tested on Ubuntu 16.04) as VM or Bare Metal OS
  • Install Python using apt-get install python

Cloning the Repository

git clone
cd openusm

Installing Docker & Docker Compose

sh provision_docker

Configuring Syslog Server for Docker Daemon

Open/Create /etc/docker/daemon.json and add the below lines:

  "log-driver": "syslog"

Restart the Docker daemon

service docker restart

Installing ELK Stack

sh provision_elk

Verify the Kibana UI by opening http://<IP>:5601 under the browser. You can also verify using the below commands:

curl <HOSTIP>:9200
curl <HOSTIP>:5601

Sending LC logs to ELK Stack

cd openusm/logging/logextractor
python -i <iDRACIP>  -ei <ElasticIP> -eu elastic -ep changeme

Open Kibana UI and search for Index by name "lc_index"

Click on Discovery option on the left side to view the logs.

Visualization through Kibana UI

Search Index Pattern(fan_index)

alt text

alt text