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Hello English speaking forum members

I have saved a vito.xml and vcontrold.xml file in the files areaswhich have English language names for the various tags in a Viessmann Vitola 200 ( V200KW2 ID = 2098 protocol: KW). These are a bit of a good idea, and they have names like getOutsideTemp and setRoomTempSP. Use with VCLIENT eg:

VCLIENT -h localhost -p 3002 -c getOutsideTemp 'setRoomTempSP 23'

will read the outdoor temperature and set the room temperature setpoint to 23 degrees C. Note that the single quotes are the same, otherwise the "23" is seen as another invalid command. Maybe one for the moderators?



Here the vcontrold master files for a VT200WO1C (ID: 204D): vito_204D.xmlvcontrold_204D.xml (Only heating circuit 1 and no solar) Greetings der_vitti

Hello dear forum Mitlgieder,

first of all a big thank you for the many useful contributions here in the forum by which I now already able to experience my first sense of achievement.

My Vitoladens 300C is controlled by a VITOTRONIC 200 KW6B (VPlusHO1 = 20C8). I am going to the Raspberry Pi via a "USB Active Extension" and a 20m network cable over the Optolink-Module (THANK YOU DIRK!), Which then connects to the PC via a Speedport W701V (Windows 7 and 8, Debian 6.07, Knoppix 7.1, Ubuntu) connected is.

The data query under Windows (without the Raspberry) with the program v-control works, the frequent crashes I did not go closer.

Sooner or later, the Raspberry is also to be in the basement for the heating, at present I still try out how the results of the 14 search addresses determined so far can be stored on the Raspi.

Now to the core of my article:

Could not everyone who has a vito.xml for determined "its investment type", "vito_20c8.xml" ask here in the forum with the file name (here my example file :) available? For vcontrold.xml would then only at the bottom write "include href =" vito_20c8.xml "and already are the most important data for a query exists.

Thus any interested person easily one of his conditioning adapted vito.xml could be made available. If further more addresses "found", the corresponding added file is sent back by other users.

As an investment (hopefully it works) attached to "my vito_20c8.xml".

Greetings from Franconia

Franz vito_20c8.xml(file:openv/vito_20c8.xml) Vito_20c8.xml

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