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Under Development

These are the features that are under development.

Thesaurus and Named Entity Recognition (NER)

  • Import NER from XML
  • Hierarchy
  • Variations
  • Relations: Broader, Narrower, Related, Use and Used For
  • Case Sensitive, Case Insensitive and Uppercase Sensitive
  • Accent Sensitive and Accent Insensitive

Semantic Navigation

  • Index content using REST API
  • Choose your favorite NLP to detect NERs
  • Transform Content attributes, NERs and Thesaurus in Facets
  • During indexing, add NERs and Thesaurus to your content
  • Use Viglet Turing as Open Text Semantic Navigation (OTSN) Broker - Compatible


  • OpenText Web Experience Management (WEM) Event Listener to index content via Viglet Turing
  • Import OpenText Content Analytics (OTCA) Autority Files (AF) to Viglet Turing

Coming Soon

  • WordPress Plugin
  • Training Interface
  • Create Models
  • Thesaurus Weight