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from migen.fhdl.std import *
from migen.fhdl import verilog
from migen.genlib.cdc import MultiReg
from import description, csrgen
from migen.bus.csr import Initiator, Interconnect
from migen.bus.transactions import *
from migen.sim.generic import Simulator
# Button status register of layout:
# L3 L2 L1 L0 S3 S2 S1 S0
# Lx bits are latched button status bits,
# cleared-on-write,
# set on Bx == 1
# Sx bits are the current button status
class _BTN_status_CSR(Module, description.CSR):
def __init__(self, btns):
description.CSR.__init__(self, size=8)
self.btn_cur = Signal(4, reset=0)
self.btn_edge = Signal(4, reset=0)
self.comb += self.w.eq(Cat(self.btn_cur, self.btn_edge))
self.sync += If(,
self.btn_edge.eq(self.btn_edge | self.btn_cur))
self.specials += MultiReg(btns, self.btn_cur)
class BTN_status(Module, description.AutoCSR):
def __init__(self, btns):
assert flen(btns) <= 4
self.submodules._stat = _BTN_status_CSR(btns)