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Open vStorage

Open vStorage - Storage Without Compromise

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  1. The Framework is a set of components and tools which brings the user an interface (GUI / API) to setup, extend and manage an Open vStorage platform.

    Python 27 27

  2. Open vStorage ALBA (alternate backend) creates a replicated or flexible network raid’ed object storage backend out of Seagate Kinetic drives and local disk supporting compression, encryption.

    OCaml 26 10

  3. The Open vStorage VolumeDriver is the core of the Open vStorage solution: a high performance distributed block layer. It converts block storage into objects (Storage Container Objects).

    C++ 31 15

  4. The Framework ALBA plugin extends the OpenvStorage GUI with functionality to manage ASDs (Alternate Storage Daemon) and Seagate Kinetic drives.

    Python 2 4

  5. The ALBA ASD manager is a lightweight library which turns devices into disks which are addressable as key/value disk over an IP and port.

    Python 1 4

  6. The health check is classified as a monitoring and detection tool for Open vStorage.

    Python 2 7


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