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  1. framework

    The Framework is a set of components and tools which brings the user an interface (GUI / API) to setup, extend and manage an Open vStorage platform.

    Python 25 23

  2. alba

    Open vStorage ALBA (alternate backend) creates a replicated or flexible network raid’ed object storage backend out of Seagate Kinetic drives and local disk supporting compression, encryption.

    OCaml 25 7

  3. volumedriver

    The Open vStorage VolumeDriver is the core of the Open vStorage solution: a high performance distributed block layer. It converts block storage into objects (Storage Container Objects).

    C++ 29 12

  4. framework-alba-plugin

    The Framework ALBA plugin extends the OpenvStorage GUI with functionality to manage ASDs (Alternate Storage Daemon) and Seagate Kinetic drives.

    Python 2 2

  5. alba-asdmanager

    The ALBA ASD manager is a lightweight library which turns devices into disks which are addressable as key/value disk over an IP and port.

    Python 1 2

  6. openvstorage-health-check

    The health check is classified as a monitoring and detection tool for Open vStorage.

    Python 2 5

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