Docker images and associated tools to run the OpenvStorage setup inside docker.
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dejonghb install volumedriver-no-dedup-server and prevent /etc/openvstorage_id…
… being reused

(new /etc/openvstorage_id created via /etc/rc.local if not present)
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framework install volumedriver-no-dedup-server and prevent /etc/openvstorage_id… Jul 20, 2016
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ububase1404 ubuntu 14.04.4 base image with upstart & openssh server enabled Jun 7, 2016 Update Mar 24, 2016


The subdirs in this repo contain tools plus Dockerfiles and files to be included in the resulting docker images to run the OpenvStorage setup inside docker.

As a start, the hyperconverged has all that's needed to get started with a simple setup.