The Open vStorage Ganesha Object FileSystem provides a flat object store to an ASD (one raw block device).
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Open vStorage Ganesha Object FileSystem (GObjFS)

The Open vStorage Ganesha Object File System (GObjFS) provides a flat object store to an ASD (one raw block device). It was designed to be used with Alba/Open vStorage. The performance characteristic are hence tuned to be:

  • Writes - High Throughput (high latency is fine as writes are in large chunks and where acknowledged to the application while in the write buffer)
  • Reads - Low Latency and high throughput

It support the following functions:

  • Get (ContainerID + Offset + Length)
  • Put (Payload and return ContainerID+Offset) - no append
  • Delete (ContainerID+Offset+Length)

At the most basic level this component divides an SSD into logical containers (256MB each).

This component will use the following:

  • The kernel block device
  • Block Allocation Bitmap (per container) - In memory structure where a bit (for every 16K) represents whether the block is used or empty. This BAB doesn’t have to be persistent across reboots.
  • Each container will have a write lock
  • There will be a containerID -> actual region on disk mapping


GObjFS is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.

File a bug

Open vStorage and its automation is quality checked to the highest level. Unfortunately we might have overlooked some tiny topics here or there. The Open vStorage GObjFS Project maintains a public issue tracker where you can report bugs and request features. This issue tracker is not a customer support forum but an error, flaw, failure, or fault in the Open vStorage software.