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ovn: Delete stale MAC_Bindings that result in Referential Integrity V…


The MAC_Bindings have a strong reference to the Datapath_Binding. However the
MAC_Bindings are never deleted anywhere, and when the Datapath (associated
with a MAC_Binding) is deleted, the ovsdb-server returns Referential
Integrity Violation. This prevents newer operations initiated from the CMS
from being committed to the Southbound DB.

The patch fixes this  by deleting the MAC_Binding entry when the
logical_port referred in the mac_binding entry is deleted.

Signed-off-by: Chandra Sekhar Vejendla <>
Signed-off-by: Ben Pfaff <>
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Chandra S Vejendla authored and blp committed Aug 25, 2016
1 parent 9dba438 commit 6e31816f719925b5b56a14ac564d3b6194f2df68
Showing with 60 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +27 −0 ovn/northd/ovn-northd.c
  2. +33 −0 tests/
@@ -1219,6 +1219,19 @@ ovn_port_update_sbrec(const struct ovn_port *op)

/* Remove mac_binding entries that refer to logical_ports which are
* deleted. */
static void
cleanup_mac_bindings(struct northd_context *ctx, struct hmap *ports)
const struct sbrec_mac_binding *b, *n;
SBREC_MAC_BINDING_FOR_EACH_SAFE (b, n, ctx->ovnsb_idl) {
if (!ovn_port_find(ports, b->logical_port)) {

/* Updates the southbound Port_Binding table so that it contains the logical
* switch ports specified by the northbound database.
@@ -1259,12 +1272,20 @@ build_ports(struct northd_context *ctx, struct hmap *datapaths,
sbrec_port_binding_set_tunnel_key(op->sb, tunnel_key);

bool remove_mac_bindings = false;
if (!ovs_list_is_empty(&sb_only)) {
remove_mac_bindings = true;

/* Delete southbound records without northbound matches. */
LIST_FOR_EACH_SAFE(op, next, list, &sb_only) {
ovn_port_destroy(ports, op);
if (remove_mac_bindings) {
cleanup_mac_bindings(ctx, ports);

#define OVN_MIN_MULTICAST 32768
@@ -4347,6 +4368,12 @@ main(int argc, char *argv[])
add_column_noalert(ovnsb_idl_loop.idl, &sbrec_port_binding_col_options);
add_column_noalert(ovnsb_idl_loop.idl, &sbrec_port_binding_col_mac);
ovsdb_idl_add_column(ovnsb_idl_loop.idl, &sbrec_port_binding_col_chassis);
ovsdb_idl_add_table(ovnsb_idl_loop.idl, &sbrec_table_mac_binding);
add_column_noalert(ovnsb_idl_loop.idl, &sbrec_mac_binding_col_datapath);
add_column_noalert(ovnsb_idl_loop.idl, &sbrec_mac_binding_col_ip);
add_column_noalert(ovnsb_idl_loop.idl, &sbrec_mac_binding_col_mac);
ovsdb_idl_add_table(ovnsb_idl_loop.idl, &sbrec_table_dhcp_options);
add_column_noalert(ovnsb_idl_loop.idl, &sbrec_dhcp_options_col_code);
add_column_noalert(ovnsb_idl_loop.idl, &sbrec_dhcp_options_col_type);
@@ -4965,3 +4965,36 @@ cat packets


AT_SETUP([ovn -- delete mac bindings])
net_add n1
sim_add hv1
as hv1
ovs-vsctl -- add-br br-phys
ovn_attach n1 br-phys
# Create logical switch ls0
ovn-nbctl ls-add ls0
# Create ports lp0, lp1 in ls0
ovn-nbctl lsp-add ls0 lp0
ovn-nbctl lsp-add ls0 lp1
ovn-nbctl lsp-set-addresses lp0 "f0:00:00:00:00:01"
ovn-nbctl lsp-set-addresses lp1 "f0:00:00:00:00:02"
dp_uuid=`ovn-sbctl find datapath | grep uuid | cut -f2 -d ":" | cut -f2 -d " "`
ovn-sbctl create MAC_Binding ip= datapath=$dp_uuid logical_port=lp0 mac="mac1"
ovn-sbctl create MAC_Binding ip= datapath=$dp_uuid logical_port=lp1 mac="mac2"
ovn-sbctl find MAC_Binding
#Delete port lp0
ovn-nbctl lsp-del lp0
ovn-sbctl find MAC_Binding
AT_CHECK([ovn-sbctl find MAC_Binding logical_port=lp0], [0], [])
#Delete ls0. This will verify that the mac_bindings are cleaned up when a
#datapath is deleted without explicitly removing the the logical ports
ovn-nbctl ls-del ls0
ovn-sbctl find MAC_Binding
AT_CHECK([ovn-sbctl find MAC_Binding], [0], [])



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