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Use PAM binary prompts to ask the application for username and password


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PAM has traditionally assumed that services doing authentication have
the ability to interact with the user.  Unfortunately, this isn't true
for services that implement non-interactive and/or fixed protocols,
such as FTP and POP3.  This is typically worked around by making the
flawed assumption that PAM_PROMPT_ECHO_ON requests the username and
PAM_PROMPT_ECHO_OFF requests the password.

With pam_userpass, this assumption is no longer required.

pam_userpass uses PAM binary prompts (only available in Linux-PAM) to
ask the application for the username and password specifically.

pam_userpass doesn't perform any actual authentication.  An actual
authentication module should be stacked after pam_userpass and told to
use the authentication token (password) provided by pam_userpass.

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