Core applications that are part of Open webOS
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Open-webOS-DCO-1.0-Signed-off-by: Maksym Shevchenko <>

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Core-apps includes the following Enyo 1.0 applications:

  • accounts
  • calculator
  • calendar
  • clock
  • contacts
  • email
  • memos

Note: This release is provided for informational purposes only.


Core-apps have the following dependencies:


Note: The following limitations apply to this July 2012 Beta release. Additional functionality will be supported in the future.

  • Third-party accounts such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc... are not supported at this time.
  • You can create imap/pop email accounts.
  • You can create local contacts and local calendars. The contacts and calendar events that you create will be stored locally and will not sync to external servers.

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