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Latest commit f43220d Aug 12, 2014 @susan-montooth susan-montooth webos-image: pmlogdaemon=123
:Release Notes:
- supporting snapshot for pmlogdaemon

:Detailed Notes:
pmlogdaemon is being started at the signal "init-boot-done".
It means can not record logs which are generated before "init-boot-done".
So, It needs to be moved into snapshot and now pmlogdaemon will cover
all of the logs.

pmlogdaemon: submissions/121..submissions/123
914098b Supporting snapshot
e081984 Supporting snapshot

:Testing Performed:
Full miniBAT was run on the verification build for the meta-data changes
and log files were inspected to ensure they contained all logs (as
verification builds are, by definition, for the developer).

:QA Notes:

:Issues Addressed:
[BHV-12333] CCC: pmlogdaemon=123
[BHV-11560] PmLogDaemon snapshot support

Open-webOS-DCO-1.0-Signed-off-by: Susan Montooth <>
Change-Id: I59aa895d4efb1d47ebd48ffa8b3c650bf50561fa
Reviewed-by: Susan Montooth <>
Tested-by: Susan Montooth <>


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