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WeBWorK Github Wiki

This github wiki is intended to be to be an addendum to the Development section of the WeBWorK wiki ---- Developers "category". In particular new users interested in getting started with their own WeBWorK server, or instructors looking to learn more about how to use WeBWorK in their classes, should take a look at one of the following resources:

  • WeBWorK wiki - The main WeBWorK wiki
  • WW_Install - Information for using the WW_install script
    • Installation - Older information on installing WeBWorK by hand.
  • Forum - The WeBWorK Forum
    • To post to the forum you need to sign up on the WeBWorK wiki (above) first and then use the WW wiki login name and password
  • Bugzilla - The main WeBWorK bugtracker
  • Reporting Bugs - Information for reporting bugs.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - A list of questions frequently asked by those new to WeBWorK and/or new to WeBWorK development.

Information for Developers

The following pages contain information for developers interested in submitting code to WeBWorK. In particular you can find information here on setting up your own github repository, and how to make a pull request and get it accepted into this repository.

High level WeBWorK code descriptions


The following pages contain information about the development version of the new WeBWorK3 interface. This is useful information for people wanting to install the interface on their own machines, people wanting to write new features, or port old features, for the new interface.

  • Installing WeBWorK3 - This contains information for installing WeBWorK3 with a running WeBWorK2
  • Deploy WeBWorK3 - This contains information for setting up WeBWorK3 so that it runs independently from apache in a robust way.
  • WeBWorK3 and Perl Dancer - This contains background information on Perl Dancer, the system we are using to build WeBWorK3
  • Developing for WeBWorK3 - This contains information for people interested in developing new features for WeBWorK3
  • Testing WeBWorK3 - This contains a testing checklist for WeBWorK3
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