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Open Wichita Project Ideas

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Check out what other members are thinking about and chime in to the discussion! Feel free to ask questions, add comments, and give a 👍 of approval if you find one you like.

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About Open Wichita

Our mission is to foster a community of civic involvement through technology and education. We are Wichita’s Code for America Brigade.

Open Wichita uses civic tech to improve quality of life. We want to help citizen, government, and nonprofit stakeholders solve problems.

Open Wichita is an open source organization. We make our projects freely and openly available. GitHub is where we collaborate. There are some really handy tools here, including a feature called Issues. This is where we can break projects into manageable problems for collaborators to solve together.

We hope you find what you're looking for, but if you need help, you can talk to us on the Open Wichita Slack!

Thanks for co-creating with us!

How To Propose or Discuss Project Ideas

GitHub Issues work just like any other commenting system on the Internet.

First, you'll need to create an account.

Then you have two options:

Comment on an existing idea (a.k.a. "issue")

Scroll through the issues list first to see if anyone's already thinking the same way! If you see an idea that catches your eye, click on it, read the discussion, and then add your thoughts to the bottom of the discussion thread.

Or, create a new idea.

If you don't see the idea you have in mind, add a new one. You'll need a title and description. Someone from the Open Wichita Core Team will respond, likely with some questions or feedback.

Here's a quick video intro on using Github Issues for discussion.

Next Steps

  • If nobody's talking yet, it might be that your idea needs some more fleshing out. We highly recommend thinking through Open Austin's Civic Tech Canvas as a next step!

  • If you're willing to be the Champion on this project, you should let one of our project leads know. GitHub is the platform we're using to collect ideas, vet ideas, and convert those ideas into active projects. Once a project becomes active, we'll help you set up repository on the Open Wichita GitHub page so you can start scoping and collaborating. We'll continue to use the Issues feature to flag obstacles, opportunities, and answer questions about that specific project.