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Is a restful API backend for WIFI based location service.


The config file is a .toml file.

following config parameters have to been defined:

# A sample TOML config file.
# For Postgresql
psql_user = "<USER>"
psql_password = "<PASSWORD>"
psql_name = "<DATABASE NAME>"
psql_tablename = "<TABLENAME>"
# For MySQL
msql_user = "<USER>"
msql_password = "<PASSWORD>"
msql_name = "<DATABASE NAME>"
msql_tablename = "<TABLENAME>"
# If bouth Postgresql and MySQL defined sgps will prefrare Postgresql

apikey = "<API KEY>"

path = "<PART TO API>"
port = <PORT>

path = "<PART TO API>"

Information for developers

The main development process takes place on:

Discussions can be taken on the Mailinglist

You can create and send Patches with git send-email as well to the above mentioned ML.