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A Hackable Network Management System for the 21st Century. Communication through electronic means is a human right!

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  1. Network and WiFi controller: provisioning, configuration management and updates, (pull via openwisp-config or push via SSH), x509 PKI management and more. Mainly OpenWRT, but designed to work also …

    JavaScript 359 82

  2. Network monitoring system written in Python and Django, designed to be extensible, programmable, scalable and easy to use by end users: once the system is configured, monitoring checks, alerts and …

    Python 17 8

  3. Administration web interface and REST API for freeradius 3 build in django & python. Supports captive portal authentication, WPA Enerprise (802.1x), freeradius rlm_rest, social login, Hotspot 2.0 /…

    Python 172 35

  4. Ansible role that installs and upgrades openwisp 2

    Python 391 74

  5. Network configuration management library based on NetJSON DeviceConfiguration

    Python 369 53

  6. OpenWRT configuration agent for OpenWISP Controller

    Lua 372 43


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