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  1. django-freeradius

    Administration web interface and REST API for freeradius 3 (UNRELEASED - work in progress)

    Python 128 48

  2. netjsonconfig

    Network configuration management library based on NetJSON DeviceConfiguration

    Python 206 30

  3. django-netjsonconfig

    Configuration manager for embedded devices, implemented as a reusable django-app

    JavaScript 197 50

  4. django-x509

    Reusable django app implementing x509 PKI certificates management

    Python 197 28

  5. openwisp-config

    OpenWRT configuration agent for OpenWISP Controller

    Lua 215 34

  6. django-loci

    Reusable django-app for storing GIS and indoor coordinates of objects

    Python 46 11

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