Network configuration management library based on NetJSON DeviceConfiguration
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Netjsonconfig is part of the OpenWISP project and it's the official configuration engine of OpenWISP 2.

netjsonconfig is a python library that converts NetJSON DeviceConfiguration objects into real router configurations that can be installed on systems like OpenWRT, LEDE or OpenWisp Firmware.

Its main features are:

  • OpenWRT / LEDE support
  • OpenWisp Firmware support
  • OpenVPN support
  • Possibility to support more firmwares via custom backends
  • Based on the NetJSON RFC
  • Validation based on JSON-Schema
  • Templates: store common configurations in templates
  • Multiple template inheritance: reduce repetition to the minimum
  • File inclusion: easy inclusion of arbitrary files in configuration packages
  • Variables: reference variables in the configuration
  • Command line utility: easy to use from shell scripts or from other programming languages

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