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The source code to produce the CyberElegans prototype
Video for this code is available here:

This code was written by:
Andrey Palyanov
Sergey Khayrulin
Alexander Dibert

Keyboard controls

With a mouse you can rotate the scene (LeftMouseBtn+move), move it (RightMouseBtn+move) 
or change scale with a mouse wheel.

Pressing "F1" key in the program shows all available commands and their description

The Neural Network Editor currently allows only selection of pseudoneurons with a mouse and moving them in 3D
by keys described in "F1 help", as well as saving to file (overwrites existing one).

Build Instructions

prj\CyberElegans.sln is the VisualStudio2008 solution file

After opening it please set 
Project->Properties->Configuration Properties->Debugging->Working Directory to ".."
-- it is being changed to "" each time when project is opened on another computer.

To run in "neural network editor" mode comment entire line 176
("worm->rotateWormAroundAnterPosterAxis(90.f);") in main.cpp and recompile
to provide correct initial position of worm body which is connected with neurons coordinates.


Neuromechanical model of C. Elegans



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