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Geppetto bundle to add support for external neuronal simulators (NEURON, etc.)
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Geppetto Simulator Bundle for External Services

OpenWorm Project


  • Install NEURON (check the .travis.yml for detailed instructions on this and other dependencies)
  • Don't forget to set the NEURON_HOME environment variable to the bin directory. The final location may be under a directory like x86_64 after build has completed.
  • Install the latest versions of NetPyNE, libNeuroML and pyNeuroML, e.g. pip install libneuroml --update.
  • Install jNeuroML (svn checkout svn:// and set JNML_HOME.
  • Fill in paths for your system pointing at the location of NEURON's bin directory and the directory containing jNeuroML's jnml in the app-config.xml file (multiple places)
  • Set the aws.credentials file up correctly
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