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Website | Documentation | Releases

Contribution guidelines | Development progress

Geppetto is an open-source platform to build web-based applications to visualize and simulate neuroscience data and models.

If you just want to play with a demo Geppetto deployment you don't need to install anything, just visit

If you want to setup your own Geppetto deployment from sources use our Setup Instructions. If you need help building a neuroscience application using Geppetto or if you want to join the project as a contributor you can send an email or just interact with us through GitHub!

This is the umbrella project that keeps together all the different Geppetto modules currently available:

Java backend

The Java backend is used in client-server deployments of Geppetto. The Java backend is modular allowing each deployment to be customised only with the relevant bundles.

Python Backend (prototype, in development)

The Python backend is based on a Geppetto Jupyter extension which allows the user to interact with the Geppetto frontend from Python. This deployment makes it ideal to use Geppetto as a visualization/computational local playground.

Node.js Backend (proof of concept)

Geppetto is an open-source project with a growing community, if you want to contribute (with either new simulators support, visualisation widgets or backend magic) please do get in touch at or fork any of the bundles and do what you please.

Website | Documentation | Releases

Contribution guidelines | Development progress

Geppetto is released under the MIT license.


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