ramips: Support for Mqmaker's WiTi(mt7621) #21

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This patch add profiles to support WiTi Board.


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Mqmaker-Sugar Nov 21, 2015

Don't apply this patch.
Yes, a lot of these changes are already in nitroshift's patch request.
Sorry for noise.

Don't apply this patch.
Yes, a lot of these changes are already in nitroshift's patch request.
Sorry for noise.

darabi added a commit to darabi/openwrt that referenced this pull request Feb 2, 2016

Squashed 'feeds/telephony/' changes from 75a04e3..639e92d
639e92d Merge pull request #83 from jpap/jpap/restore-iksemel-1.4
7fb39ad iksemel: restore package and all dependent asterisk modules
287718f Merge pull request #82 from micmac1/master
6f84247 [FreeSWITCH] 1. Removed PROCESS_SHARED locks check from libs/apr/configure.ac. 2. Flagged mod_flite as BROKEN due to lack of flite package. 3. Added some additional modules, i.e. mod_av, mod_esl, and flagged as BROKEN for now. 4. Depricated mod_celt.
1a8b0e0 [FreeSWITCH]: Update to v1.5.final 1. Added an sqlite2 option for configure in apr-util 2. Moved bootstrap to Prepare stage. 3. Restructured patches directory to include CONFIG_LIBC 4. Fixed some modules dependency issues. 5. Reinstated mod_enum as not BROKEN. 6. Renamed mod_vp8 to mod_vpx according to FS changes. 7. Added some new modules and some are flagged as BROKEN.    i.e. mod_cv, mod_hiredis (BROKEN), mod_kazoo, mod_smpp (BROKEN) 8. Flagged some modules as BROKEN due to insufficient libraries.    i.e. mod_bv, mod_codec2, mod_fsv, mod_ilbc, mod_silk, mod_siren 9. Removed mod_snipe_hunt (depricated by FS)
165f6c9 dahdi-tools: update to 2.10.2
712a597 dahdi-linux: update to 2.10.2
9f549b1 [PATCH] baresip: upgrade to 0.4.14
b01c312 asterisk-11.x: Bump to 11.19.0
22eb4a3 asterisk-13.x: fix syntax for bridge modules
bd845fa baresip: closing #56, added modules speex-aec, speex-pp, httpd.
04d123d asterisk-13.x: change module ordering
c68070f re: update to 0.4.13
e6f05a9 asterisk-11.x: modules restructuralization and addition
8c02ae4 asterisk-13.x: modules restructuralization and addition
d567d6c yate: update source
5eebac5 yate: fix build with musl
04527e0 baresip: fix build with musl
a28e403 kamailio-4.x: build against libevent2
6175bfe chan-sccp-b: fix package install
320d264 asterisk-13.x: fixup real-time module
ee4bec0 Merge pull request #74 from dkgroot/chan-sccp-b_V4.2
babe154 Merge pull request #73 from dkgroot/sqlite_for_asterisk-13.x
57e2dde Merge pull request #72 from dkgroot/sqlite_for_asterisk-11.x
975dfb2 Merge pull request #71 from plntyk/miax-musl
032c66c Merge pull request #76 from jow-/sipp-musl-compat
2a54dd2 Merge pull request #75 from jow-/siproxd-musl-compat
b9ea1b0 sipp: fix musl compatibility
43c6d1e siproxd: fix musl compatibility
565564e chan-sccp-b:  - Update revision to point to stable V4.2 release  - Add sqlite3 realtime example files
a386bb3 Add realtime pbx, func and res modules
cf5c4e6 Add realtime pbx, func and res modules
5d656ad miax: fix musl build
eb9adfd asterisk-11.x-chan-dongle: support E1752 and refresh patches
2b304f8 asterisk-11.x-chan-dongle: fix audio endianess problem
280fb95 kamailio-4.x: update to version 4.3.0
a29cd3f kamailio-4.x: fix build with musl
b8b82d8 kamailio-3.x: fix build with musl
d1c2023 rtpproxy: fix build on musl
b05a0b7 libs/rem: fix build with musl
f01cea4 asterisk-11.x-chan-dongle: fix build with musl
4fc138a Merge pull request #70 from micmac1/master
b7d4ba8 asterisk-11.x: Don't bootstrap menuselect
2b25366 asterisk-1.8.x: fix chan_lantiq with musl
55037e6 asterisk-11.x: bump release
989209b Merge pull request #69 from micmac1/master
2060702 asterisk-11x: Update 010-asterisk-configure-undef-res-ninit.patch
96bdf92 libs/re: fix build with musl and glibc
3c06e4b Merge pull request #55 from VittGam/patch-1
afc3fc7 asterisk-11.x: fix package build
b99ebb2 asterisk-11.x: build-depend on libxml2/host
90e88b2 asterisk-13.x: update source and fix build with musl
40d3a58 pjproject: fix build with musl
47115a8 asterisk-11.x: update source and fix build with musl
73c0b34 asterisk-1.8.x: fix build with musl
b496b25 asterisk-1.8.x: fix mysql library path detection
4f0fa80 asterisk-11.x: disable building against broken libiksemel
1f0675c asterisk-1.8.x: disable building against broken libiksemel
c4807d0 asterisk-1.8.x: disable libneon detection
7a0cf0e asterisk-13.x: disable libneon detection
663c356 asterisk-11.x: disable libneon detection
130ded1 Merge pull request #58 from micmac1/master
c09634f net/asterisk-11.x: Bump again to 11.17.1 (cross compile fix included)
bbf0cbf Avoid trying to load the echo module here
9e133fb asterisk-13.x: revert to version 13.2.0 with AST-2015-003 fix
608a59a Revert "asterisk-11.x: update to 11.17.1"
70913f7 Merge pull request #49 from redfox1977/patch-8
1700956 sipsak: move to abandoned packages repository, sipp should be used instead
9509e49 rtpproxy: update to 2.0.0
43be6e0 pjproject: update to 2.4.0
53fad68 re: update to 0.4.12
e13c485 Merge pull request #48 from redfox1977/patch-7
f973ace Asterisk 13.x: Add depensies for chan_sip
f5d1ac7 Asterisk13.x:remove chan_bridge.so in app_confbridge
51a9f77 Merge pull request #42 from redfox1977/patch-2
dcdfff8 Asterisk13.x: Add missing soundfiles
7090716 FreeSWITCH:   1. Restore ac_cv_file_dbd_apr_dbd_mysql_c from archive to fix apr-util fail in configure.
c5e7c03 asterisk-11.x: disable chan-motif due to broken iksemel
fe446f7 iksemel: mark as broken, disable all asterisk modules depending on it
ab398d2 Merge pull request #40 from redfox1977/patch-1
aa7d939 FreeSWITCH:   1. Update to FS git HEAD a4d877c189b331ea47bf3a75745006d4d873eee6   2. Fix libogg dependency.
07679c3 Asterisk13.x: Add missing Confbridge
8c00da4 asterisk-13.x: fix missing md5sum
08068b9 asterisk-1.8.x: update to
9e6376e asterisk-1.8.x: update to
7a65679 asterisk-13.x: update to 13.3.2
1206b37 asterisk-11.x: update to 11.17.1
882da94 FreeSWITCH:   1. Update to FS Git HEAD 464d8ab91086715a2ec7eb1fb9a2d2cb53377eb7   2. Revert Config.in file to before GitHUB.   3. Revert dependency to libsrtp before GitHUB.   4. Add patch from Bluemax <bluemax@users.noreply.github.com> to libs/apr/configure.ac to disable TCP_NODELAY_WITH_CORK when cross compile.
29356c1 Merge pull request #33 from openwrt/revert-29-master
29d6aa5 Revert "FreeSWITCH: fixed cross-compile errors"
0c0ef8c Merge pull request #29 from BlueMax/master
85542a2 libsrtp: make uninstall before install
b503392 pjproject: use g++ as a linker
94fd5f5 FreeSWITCH: fixed dependency Makefile: libsrtp_git -> libsrtp
163874a FreeSWITCH: fixed cross-compile errors
409394e FreeSWITCH:   1. Remove old patches.
24f45c9 FreeSWITCH:   1. Update to FS git 6eb59c711989774fb797d1c447e3d63aac84826b.   2. Disable mod_perl due to recent changes in perl package.   3. Disable mod_verto (required mod_perl).   4. Remove numbering scheme from patches.
a2d0799 Merge pull request #27 from dangowrt/bump-kamailio-4.2.4
e38d4a6 kamailio-4.x: version 4.2.4 released
d7e5682 dahdi-linux: backport changes needed for kernel 3.19 and 4.0
370b9e5 dahdi-linux: package dummy driver
6a5771b dahdi-linux: fix oslec build
0d802b9 Merge pull request #24 from dangowrt/bcg729-md5
7ea9333 bcg729: source tarball MD5 changed mysteriously
3e5bfbd Merge pull request #23 from dkgroot/master
b174f8f Merge pull request #21 from dkgroot/patch-1
c3c2955 asterisk-1.8.x: Change SubPackage Descriptions - Refrase subpackage descriptions - Remove general description from the soundfiles subpackage and Refrase sound subpackage description
85c2b73 asterisk-13.x: Change SubPackage Descriptions - Refrase subpackage descriptions - Remove general description from the soundfiles subpackage and Refrase sound subpackage description
b8219f8 Update Asterisk11 Makefile (Untested)
0dd12ba Merge pull request #20 from dkgroot/patch-1
3fee96a Update sccp.conf
1fc11d6 kamailio4: fix dependency from libjson to libjson-c.
69cac78 asterisk-g72x: remove old multiple makefiles for g729, add universal one
4165841 yate: updates yate to 5.4.2. This fixes #14
00d2fb7 asterisk-13.x,11.x: res_config_sqlite3 config added to the default cfg set
af80247 asterisk-1.8.x,11.x,13.x: add pbx_dundi
c5459fc chan-sccp-b: remove old multiple makefiles, introduce build variants
f9c3f70 asterisk-all: make module descriptions less verbose to increase readability
1434016 Merge pull request #18 from plntyk/path_fix_asterisk13
c676b29 Merge pull request #17 from plntyk/path_fix_asterisk11
3a9a037 asterisk-13.x: fix xml2-config location
77a8ece asterisk-11.x: fix mysql_config location
24b9611 asterisk-13.x,11.x: remove duplicit module func_db
4fefbf8 asterisk-13.x: add modules func_{enum,env,module,math} and app_db
304c3ad asterisk-11.x: add modules func_{enum,env,module,math} and app_db
323512a asterisk-1.8.x: add modules func_{enum,env,module,math} and app_db
6d593bf kamailio-4.x: update to version 4.2.3
82a90df ortp: import from packages feed
615ad24 Update MAINTAINERS
e2de7c9 Merge pull request #13 from dangowrt/master
fa31ad6 dahdi-linux: add support for HFC-S PCI BRI adapters
d73a45b asterisk-13.x: add missing dependency to libxslt
cfd4354 asterisk-13.x: add missing dependency to libpopt
49ab639 asterisk-gui: move packages to packages-abandoned repository.
cbd9949 asterisk-13.x: introduce new package
b9d9d71 Merge pull request #12 from dangowrt/master
72919ac dahdi-linux: fix build with kernel 3.15 and newer
61fb712 asterisk-chan-sccp-b: update revision to 5845
6f11f51 asterisk-11.x: update to 11.16.0
23fbf34 asterisk-1.8.x: update to version
445277b asterisk-11.x: fix srtp when key lifetime is specified
54a41da pjproject: new package for upcoming asterisk-13.x introduced
5feb1a3 kamailio-4.x: partially revert previous commit, fixes path for cfg
bc2cf15 kamailio4: add debugger module
cd5b277 kamailio-4.x: fix path for configuration files in package Makefile
da3c68b asterisk-11.x: fix chan-dahdi dependencies
a865846 kamailio-4.x: fix install/module macro
8e7620e kamailio-4.x: remove checking module selection
3697801 kamailio-4.x: update to 4.2.2
bcd034c Merge pull request #8 from dangowrt/master
1efef5f dahdi-linux: fix oct612x compile on some ARM targets
0f0a21f baresip: Fix avcodec and avformat CFLAGS. This commit fixes #6.
4194b00 baresip: update to version 0.4.12
1ddf257 Merge pull request #5 from VittGam/master
47c2c1f dahdi-tools: Removed dahdi_tool, as it requires libnewt (it's not optional unfortunately). Also add fxotune.
bc22a11 Merge pull request #4 from VittGam/master
bab10de Fix indentation.
031022d Added dahdi_tool.
da9967b Bumped asterisk-11.x PKG_RELEASE.
9154fb9 Directories renamed to respect the naming convention. ;)
cb819b9 Add DAHDI support to Asterisk 11.
8240fce Add dahdi-linux and dahdi-tools packages.
3b0ab2c asterisk-1.8.x: delete abandoned /etc/default/asterisk file
819dc60 asterisk-11.x: update to 11.15.0, remove /etc/default/asterisk
81e1a4c kamailio: add sleep time to init during restart
d631b53 rtpproxy: add init script and UCI config
56b1153 Merge pull request #3 from ryzhovau/asterisk-1.8.x-codec-g729
6a415e6 asterisk-1.8.x-codec-g729: fix description and included files
61f6e32 restund: update to 0.4.11
dc4198f re: update to 0.4.11
96967b6 asterisk-1.8.x: chan-lantiq: dependency fixes for xrx200
686cf4c asterisk-1.8.x: fix chan-lantiq dependency
fa4f843 kamailio: add module xmlrpc and drouting
9e0d6a6 Revert "libsrtp: update to 1.5.0, switch to github repo"
4bd5547 Revert "libsrtp: fix CFLAGS: use /dev/urandom"
913613a Add README.md file.
85400b5 Merge pull request #1 from blogic/master
a0a71ff asterisk-1.8.x: fix the ltq-vmmc dependecy
057da55 libsrtp: fix CFLAGS: use /dev/urandom
722ea9b libsrtp: update to 1.5.0, switch to github repo
f658a32 asterisk-codec-g729: update to 1.3.0
3f072fb asterisk-1.8.x: update to
11c0d45 asterisk-11.x: update to 11.4.1

git-subtree-dir: feeds/telephony
git-subtree-split: 639e92d8d2daefa099a33ebb62f5ed52671de1bb
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