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kerneis commented Jan 22, 2014

Received on babel-users:

Over the past year openwrt has migrated over to an init replacement
called "procd"...

While the ideal situation is a daemon that never crashes, a better one
than presently is where babel is monitored and restarted properly. It
would be nice if babel could migrate over to USE_PROCD.

Regrettably the amount of rework required in babel.init is pretty
substantial, and it would be better if someone more intimate with
babel than I took it on.

a good example is in openwrt's repo for dropbear...

@ghost ghost assigned kerneis Jan 22, 2014

dtaht commented Jan 23, 2014

Well, I got annoyed enough at it to start converting. Problem now is the right way to NOT use a pidfile, and let procd handle all of it.

WIP is at:

dtaht commented Jan 23, 2014

pay no attention to me, almost done now.


zorun commented Jan 12, 2017

Closed via #250

@zorun zorun closed this Jan 12, 2017

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